I. Copywriting @ Sideways

I've had the pleasure of creating copy as a freelancer for the NYC-based agency, Sideways. They specialize in marketing and branding for several luxury and boutique hotel identities.

Three e-newsletter samples for one client below.

II. Copywriting & Strategy @ Gwynnie Bee >>


Spring Specials Unlocked

loyalty program email newsletter


Brunch, Burgers and Brews

brand blast newsletter


World's Best Hotels & All-Star Chefs

brand blast newsletter

II. Copywriting & Strategy @ Gwynnie Bee

I worked with Gwynnie Bee from the ground up, as their founding copywriter. 

From ideation to production, I collaborated with designers, software engineers and data science teams. Together we delivered impactful digital campaigns that established their fashion rental subscription box brand. My work directly contributed to a hundredfold increase in membership in two years.

Email samples below.

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